Updated August 1, 2017

Applying for a Tutor Account

In order to become a tutor with Seer English, you’ll first need to apply for a Tutor Account. Once you apply for a Tutor Account, you’ll gain access to the tutor application section of our website. Here, you’ll be able to complete a tutor application and submit it for approval.

Please note that as a part of this application process, you’ll need to upload a photo of yourself, a short sample video clip and your resume.

Your Tutor Profile and customized offerings

When completing your Tutor Profile you will be asked to indicate your available work-times and your preferred start date. Please give both these matters careful consideration, as this information will be used to formulate your customized offerings.

Our system automatically combines your schedule of availability and your start date with the courses you indicated you would like to tutor. These components make up your customized offerings. Your customized offerings will then appear in our comprehensive database – which is accessible to all our students and prospective students.

Please note, that your commitment to adhere to your schedule of availability is highly valued, and our Tutor Recognition Plan in INSTRUCTION is designed to reward your commitment.

In order to tutor with Seer English, you must be available to tutor on a fixed weekly schedule (that you set) for at least 40 consecutive weekly sessions (10 months).

Your tutor application

Our experienced staff screens and reviews every application. If your tutor application is approved, you will be notified through our or by email. The approval process typically takes one weeks.


The easiest and quickest way to communicate with Seer English is by online ‘My home’ - ‘Message’ system through our website.

The Tutorial Connection Test (TCT)

All tutor applicants must successfully complete the Tutorial Connection Test in order to appear in the Seer English Tutor Directory.

Activating your Tutor Account

If you successfully complete the Tutorial Connection Test, you will be contacted via our website or by email within 48 hours. At this point, you’ll also be asked to confirm your availability to tutor with Seer English.

After your Tutor Account is activated, your Tutor Profile will appear in our Tutor Directory. This includes your photo, audio or video message and schedule of availability. When a student selects one of your sessions, we will send you a Booking Request by email. We will also ask you to confirm your availability as soon as you can.

Regular scheduling

The vast majority of our students prefer regular scheduling with the same tutor. By regular scheduling we mean sessions that are booked in consecutive weekly appointments, either once or twice a week. As our courses can extend in length anywhere from 5 months to 10 months, we ask all tutors to commit to at a fixed schedule (that you set) for at least 40 consecutive weekly sessions. (10 months).

Session formats

Seer English arranges three types of session formats.
-- Private one-to-one tutoring: This format is our most popular booking.
-- Semi-private tutoring: This format offers two-to-one to a maximum of six-to-one students per tutor.
-- Group tutoring: This option offers students a four-to-one to a maximum ratio of fifty students per tutor.

Please note that group tutoring sessions are paid at the same rate as private and semi-private sessions. Tutors are paid on a per session basis not on a per student basis.

Session duration

We offer session of 25 minute. Our two consecutive 25 minute sessions (50 minute no break) are the most popular selection among older students, and our sessions of 25 minute are usually preferred by parents of younger children.

Your schedule

Sessions are booked in one or two consecutive 25 minute time blocks. When you receive your tutoring schedule it is important to check it carefully. If you have 2 consecutive 25 minute tutoring sessions booked with the same student on the same topic, please teach the student for 50 minutes without a break in between.

Your first trial sessions

Please note that your students and their parents will make final decision to book your regular long-term tutoring after the first trial sessions. Please try to show your student with a friendly and extroverted online tutoring persona.

If a student requests a trial session with you, we will send you an email notice in advance.

There is considerable variation in the way tutors conduct their sessions and trial sessions allow students to become acquainted with different teaching styles and personalities. We often find that just two trial sessions are enough to help most students decide on a tutor. Additionally, once students decide on a tutor, they usually choose to remain firmly committed to that one tutor. These students value the quality of the student – tutor relationship and the benefits that develop through long-term commitment.

In our experience, students respond particularly well to tutors who:
● smile frequently
● have a lively and engaging tutoring style
● have a friendly and extroverted online persona
● show interest in the student and the topic
● can adjust their rate of speech to the student’s proficiency level
● encourage their student to speak
● can point out and correct errors in pronunciation and grammar
● make use of teaching props to increase and sustain interest
● make frequent use of hand gestures

Regardless of whether you are tutoring a student in a trial session or one that has committed to a series of sessions with you, your rate of pay for the trial session is the same as for a regular session. The submission of a feedback report is required after every session - even trial sessions.

Your focus

In every session, your focus should be in actively involving your student in back-and-forth dialogue with you. Of course your students realize that you will need to impart information and correct their errors. However, they will also be relying on you to balance this need with that of getting them talking and developing their speaking skills.

Your commitment

In order to tutor with Seer English, you must be able to commit to a fixed weekly schedule (that you set) for a minimum of 10 consecutive months during our peak and mid-peak times.

Our peak and mid-peak times are shown below (in Eastern Standard Time):
Mondays to Thursdays: 5:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.
Fridays: 5:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. and 19:00 p.m. - 24:00 p.m.
Saturdays: 2:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. and 19:00 p.m. - 24:00 p.m.
Sundays: 2:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.

When a student chooses you from the Tutor Directory, you’ll be sent a booking request by email. Please consider this booking request very carefully. Once you confirm your availability, we ask that you remain committed to these sessions.

Students’ textbooks

The textbooks that your student has selected to use during your tutoring sessions together will be directly accessible through your schedule. You’ll notice that the learning materials are all organized around topics. Please use the content of these topics as a departure point for your discussions with your student.

Feedback report

Prompt constructive feedback is important as it enhances learning. Please provide your student with a feedback report at the end of every private or semi-private session. This feedback report is a required part of your tutoring with Seer English.

This feedback report is a required part of your tutoring with Seer English. You will not be paid for a session if the feedback report is not submitted within 12 hours after your tutoring session.

Dress and grooming

Your overall appearance is important as it may influence how students perceive you. Please keep in mind that dressing too casually, may entirely unintentionally, give students the impression that you don’t care enough to make an effort. Please present yourself in a professional manner, and dress for your online session in the same way you would for a traditional face-to-face session.

Minimize distractions

Please aim to provide your students with distraction-free sessions. Try to select a quiet indoor work area that offers you privacy and protection from background noise. To avoid unwanted interruptions, you may want to create a sign that informs those around you that you are engaged in a tutoring session.

When tutoring, please pay attention to behaviors that can cause auditory or visual distractions. For example, behaviors such as yawning, tapping or rustling papers may impede your students’ concentration.

Pay careful attention to the visuals your camera is picking up behind you. Please keep your background simple and uncluttered as you want your students focused on you, not what’s behind you.

Also, demonstrate to your students that they have your undivided attention. Do not engage in activities other than tutoring during a session. This courtesy includes turning off your phone and logging out of anything on your computer screen that might distract you.

Preparation and punctuality

Please be prepared to start all tutoring sessions on time and to remain at your computer for the entire session. Starting a session late or leaving a session early may affect your payments as they are based on completing a full session.

Also, please be sure that you have reviewed the textbooks you will be using with your student.

How to change your preferred work-times

If you need to change either your preferred work-times, please go to 'My home', then leave a 'Message' or submit a 'New Request' in the left menu. Typically, this process takes 24 hours. It is important to keep our web page refreshed during this time.

Consequences of changing your preferred work-times

Please note that changes to a pre-established schedule can confuse and frustrate students. If you change your preferred work-times once your tutoring sessions have already been booked, your workload may change as a result. Even small modifications to a pre-established tutoring schedule may result in a decreased workload.

Missing a tutoring session or canceling a tutoring session

Booking Requests can only be made for the days and times you specified as available for tutoring. If the Booking Request you receive no longer fits within your schedule, you will need to update your available times so that they reflect your current availability. To update your schedule, go to 'My home', then leave a 'Message' or submit a 'New Request' in the left menu.

Please note that if you miss, decline/cancel booked sessions, your workload may change as a result. Even infrequent changes may result in a decreased workload. This is something that we don’t want to do. So please help us out and make every effort to keep your appointments and provide us with adequate notice as early as possible.

As Seer English is a platform that functions on an appointment basis, reliability and punctuality are very important for our service to run smoothly. If you have more than two consecutive missed, refused/cancelled pre-scheduled sessions, Seer English will consider removing you from our tutoring platform.

Communicating with your student

To avoid miscommunication, please do not email or message your students about requests to cancel or reschedule sessions.

Please follow the standard procedures of canceling or changing sessions as outlined in these guidelines.

10 minute grace period

We ask that tutors and students extend to each other a 10 minute period of grace beyond a session’s scheduled start time to account for extenuating personal or technical circumstances.

Reporting no-shows and canceled sessions

Even your payments are based on the time that you are actively engaged in tutoring your student. But you may get reward points for reporting any no-shows, late arrivals and even early departures to the Seer English Tutor Center so that your tutoring session can be rescheduled.

Interrupted Sessions

If your live tutoring session should become interrupted, please report this to Seer English Tutor Center by clicking ‘My home’ - ‘Message’ as soon as you’re able. The Seer English Tutor Center will work with you to help restore your connection or to arrange a make-up class at your convenience.

Please note that should your session become interrupted, you’ll be compensated for the amount of time that you spent actively tutoring your student.

Missed sessions

Please note that missed sessions or last minute cancellation can happen. In the case of a missed session on the part of the student, Seer English will get in touch with you to arrange a make-up class at your convenience.

Receiving payments

Tutors are paid every two weeks via PayPal in Canadian funds. Tutoring price range from $16 to $25 CAD for each completed 50 minute session ($8 to $12.5 CAD for each completed 25 minute session). This includes a personalized feedback report that tutors are required to submit immediately following the session.

Tutoring problems

If you have any issues during your tutoring session, please report the situation to The Seer English Tutor Center by clicking through our website: ‘My home’ - ‘Message’ as soon as you are aware of a problem.

Emails from Seer English

Please ensure that important emails from us are not directed to your junk or spam folders by adding, and to your address book.

Rarely and only if we cannot reach you by mail or online chat, we’ll contact you by the cell phone number you provided upon registration.

Pausing your tutoring sessions

If you’re unavailable to tutor new or existing students, you may pause your tutoring sessions at any time so long as you provide us with 5 business days prior notice.

To pause your tutoring sessions, go to 'My home', then leave a 'Message' or submit a 'New Request' in the left menu. Upon receiving your request, we’ll pause your Tutor Profile so new sessions cannot been booked.

Please note, if you pause your tutoring sessions for longer than 15 consecutive days, our system automatically deactivates your Tutor Account. This will affect your eligibility for rewards that are part of our Tutor Recognition Plan. You’ll need to start at the beginning once your Tutor Account is reactivated.

Canceling your Tutor Account

If for any reason, you would like to cancel your Seer Tutor Account, you can do so easily at any time. However, please provide us with the courtesy of 5 business days prior notice so that we can contact any students that may be affected by the change.

To cancel your Seer Tutor Account, go to 'My home', then leave a 'Message' or submit a 'New Request' in the left menu. Upon receiving your request, we’ll deactivate your Tutor Profile so new sessions cannot been booked.

Please also note that canceling your Tutor Account will affect your eligibility for rewards that are part of our Tutor Recognition Plan in Instruction document. If you cancel your Tutor Account, you’ll have to start the Tutor Recognition Plan from the beginning once your Tutor Account is reactivated.


Are there any questions not answered in these Guidelines? Have we missed something important? Please send us a note to let us know at this email: