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Our course offerings are organized around textbooks. Students search our database of textbooks and select the specific course that feathers the textbook series they are currently using in school or in after-school programs.

  • Seer Summer Training

    Seer Summer Training

    Combined syllabus for North American elementary students with Chinese junior high school entrance examination, this course covers four sections: reading, grammar, phonics and speaking. The speaking and the grammar sections are extensive and practical which not only cover the syllabus of primary school course curriculum, but also content of PET and KET. As for the reading section, cooperated with the ReadingMate, the most authentic North American Reading program, it offers students with very rich and lively stories. The phonics section aims to help Chinese students improve the skills of pronunciation and reading through very interesting games and exercises.

    Elementary School Package 1

    60 x 25 Minutes

    Lesson01: Speaking: My family and I

    Lesson02: Phonics: Monophthongs

    Lesson03: Reading: Lily's Treasure Map

    Lesson04: Grammar and Writing: There be+Nouns

    Lesson05: Speaking: What's your hobby?

    Lesson06: Phonics: Diphthongs

    Lesson07: Reading: Plants and Their Environment

    Lesson08: Grammar and Writing: Countable/Uncountable Nouns

    Lesson09: Speaking: Who is Your Best Friends?

    Lesson10: Phonics: Short Vowels

    Lesson11: Reading: Moon School

    Lesson12: Grammar and Writing: Adjectives/Comparative Degree/Superlative Degree

    Lesson13: Speaking: My Favorite Season

    Lesson14: Phonics: Long Vowels of 'ai ay ee ea ie igh oa ow ui ue'

    Lesson15: Reading: I See a Horse

    Lesson16: Grammar and Writing: Adverbs/Comparative Degree/Superlative Degree

    Lesson17: Speaking: Which Subject Do You Like Best?

    Lesson18: Phonics: CVC/CVCe

    Lesson19: Reading: I Am Honest

    Lesson20: Grammar and Writing: Numbers and Ordinal Numbers

    Lesson21: Speaking: My Feelings

    Lesson22: Phonics: Irregular Vowels

    Lesson23: Reading: The Biggest Snowball

    Lesson24: Grammar and Writing: Simple Present Tense

    Lesson25: Speaking: Let's Go to the Orchard!

    Lesson26: Phonics: Consonants

    Lesson27: Reading: I Am Helpful

    Lesson28: Grammar and Writing: Present Continuous Tense

    Lesson29: Speaking: Let's Go to the Pet Store!

    Lesson30: Phonics: Consonants Blends(1)

    Lesson31: Reading: The Supper Sandwich

    Lesson32: Grammar and Writing: Simple Past Tense

    Lesson33: Speaking: What's the Weather Like Today?

    Lesson34: Phonics: Consonants Blends(2)

    Lesson35: Reading: Let's Bake a Cake

    Lesson36: Grammar and Writing: Past Continuous Tense

    Lesson37: Speaking: We Need Vegetables and Fruits

    Lesson38: Phonics: Consonants Blends(3)

    Lesson39: Reading: What Will it Be?

    Lesson40: Grammar and Writing: Future Tense

    Lesson41: Speaking: How Do You Celebrate Spring Festival?

    Lesson42: Phonics: Special pronunciations of c,y,g

    Lesson43: Reading: The Popcorn Scale

    Lesson44: Grammar and Writing: Tenses

    Lesson45: Speaking: Father's day

    Lesson46: Phonics: Silent Consonants

    Lesson47: Reading: A Trip to the Aquarium

    Lesson48: Grammar and Writing: Perfect Tense

    Lesson49: Speaking: What do you usually do on your vocations?

    Lesson50: Phonics: Double Consonants and The Pronunciations of 'qu,que'

    Lesson51: Reading: Being a Good Citizen

    Lesson52: Grammar and Writing: Appearance/Personality:look like, is like

    Lesson53: Speaking: Go Traveling!

    Lesson54: Phonics: Liaison

    Lesson55: Reading: Our Water Experiment

    Lesson56: Grammar and Writing: Feelings: tired/tiring

    Lesson57: Speaking: What Do You Want to Be When You Are Grown up?

    Lesson58: Phonics: Review

    Lesson59: Reading: Life in Kenya

    Lesson60: Grammar and Writing: Modal Verbs: can, could, will, would

    Secondary School Package 1

    60 x 25 Minutes

    Lesson01: Speaking: American Accent Training/Self-introduction

    Lesson02: Listening: Justin Bieber

    Lesson03: Reading: Ways of Improving My English

    Lesson04: Writing: Writing a Friendly Letter

    Lesson05: Speaking: American Accent Training/Hobbies and Studies

    Lesson06: Listening: I Can Use an APP

    Lesson07: Reading: Internet

    Lesson08: Writing: Writing a Formal Letter

    Lesson09: Speaking: American Accent Training/Healthy Diet

    Lesson10: Listening: At the Races

    Lesson11: Reading: Things I like to Do

    Lesson12: Writing: Journal

    Lesson13: Speaking: American Accent Training/Describe a Pet

    Lesson14: Listening: Why We Need Hospitals

    Lesson15: Reading: The Dangers of Smoking

    Lesson16: Writing: Notice

    Lesson17: Speaking: American Accent Training/Environmental Protection

    Lesson18: Listening: The Fire and the Firefighter

    Lesson19: Reading: Keeping a Healthy Lifestyle

    Lesson20: Writing: Public Speaking

    Lesson21: Speaking: American Accent Training/Do it Yourself

    Lesson22: Listening: Ayana Cleans Up

    Lesson23: Reading: An Accident

    Lesson24: Writing: Narrative

    Lesson25: Speaking: American Accent Training/Colors

    Lesson26: Listening: Red Around Us

    Lesson27: Reading: Cooking

    Lesson28: Writing: Narrative

    Lesson29: Speaking: American Accent Training/Helping Others

    Lesson30: Listening: I'm Helpful

    Lesson31: Reading: Looking After My Young

    Lesson32: Writing: Descriptive

    Lesson33: Speaking: American Accent Training/Protecting Animals

    Lesson34: Listening: At Home with Animals

    Lesson35: Reading: Water Supply Disruption

    Lesson36: Writing: Descriptive

    Lesson37: Speaking: American Accent Training/Fashion/Famous Person

    Lesson38: Listening: Who was Helen Keller

    Lesson39: Reading: Can a Person be Judged by His Clothes

    Lesson40: Writing: Procedural

    Lesson41: Speaking: American Accent Training/Culture and Festival

    Lesson42: Listening: Our National Symbols

    Lesson43: Reading: Happiness

    Lesson44: Writing: Procedural

    Lesson45: Speaking: American Accent Training/Travel

    Lesson46: Listening: A trip to the white house

    Lesson47: Reading: Some Funny People I've Met

    Lesson48: Writing: Persuasive

    Lesson49: Speaking: American Accent Training/Activities

    Lesson50: Listening: American Holidays

    Lesson51: Reading: What Happens When I Sweat

    Lesson52: Writing: Persuasive

    Lesson53: Speaking: American Accent Training/Science

    Lesson54: Listening: The Wright Brothers Make History!

    Lesson55: Reading: Energy Needs And Sources

    Lesson56: Writing: Antonyms/Synonyms

    Lesson57: Speaking: American Accent Training/Video Games

    Lesson58: Listening: Baby Duck and the Wolf

    Lesson59: Reading: A Frightful Experience

    Lesson60: Writing: Figures of Speech( Simile/Metaphor/Personification)

  • Phonics


    This course includes some rules and skills for pronouncing vowels, consonants and letter combinations. With this course, students can master the rules of pronunciation in an effective way through native speakers' guidance as well as in-class practice. After learning this course, students can read and spell words easily, thus improve their reading ability and speaking skills.


    40 x 25 Minutes

    Lesson01: Short Vowel Sound of letter 'a'

    Lesson02: Long Vowel Sound of letter 'a'

    Lesson03: Short Vowel Sound of letter 'e'

    Lesson04: Long Vowel Sound of letter 'e'

    Lesson05: Short Vowel Sound of letter 'i'

    Lesson06: Long Vowel Sound of letter 'i'

    Lesson07: Short Vowel Sound of letter 'o'

    Lesson08: Long Vowel Sound of letter 'o'

    Lesson09: Short Vowel Sound of letter 'u'

    Lesson10: Long Vowel Sound of letter 'u'

    Lesson11: Alphabets, vowels, consonants

    Lesson12: CVCe

    Lesson13: Diphthongs (1): /aɪ/ /eɪ/ /aʊ/ /əʊ/

    Lesson14: Diphthongs (2): /ɪə/ /eə/ /ʊə//ɔɪ/

    Lesson15: Special Vowel Sounds(1): 'aw', 'all', 'au', 'ou'

    Lesson16: Special Vowel sounds(2): 'ce, ci, si, ti'

    Lesson17: R-controlled Vowels

    Lesson18: Syllables

    Lesson19: Consonants(1): 'b/p t/d k/g f/v s/z'

    Lesson20: Consonants(2): 'θ/ð ʃ/ʒ tʃ/dʒ ts/dz tr/dr'

    Lesson21: The Pronunciations of 'l', 'm', 'n'

    Lesson22: The Pronunciations of 's' 'x'

    Lesson23: The Pronunciations of 'c', 'g', 'y'

    Lesson24: The Pronunciations of 'th', 'ch'

    Lesson25: Consonants Blends (1): 'bl, cl, gl, fl, sl, pl'

    Lesson26: Consonants Blends (2): 'br, cr, dr, fr, gr, pr, tr'

    Lesson27: Consonants Blends (3): 'sm, sn, sw, sp, st, sk, sc'

    Lesson28: Consonants Blends (4): 'shr, spl, spr, squ, str, thr'

    Lesson29: Consonants Blends (5): 'ld, lk, lf, lm, lp, lt'

    Lesson30: Consonants Blends (6): 'nch, nd, ng, nk, nt'

    Lesson31: Consonants Blends (7): 'mp, she, st, sk, ft'

    Lesson32: Salient Consonants (1): salient 'w' 'k' 'b' 'p'

    Lesson33: Salient Consonants (2): salient 't' 'h' 'l' 'g'

    Lesson34: Salient Consonants (3): salient 'c' 'gh'

    Lesson35: Double Consonants and Special Pronunciation of 'qu, que'

    Lesson36: Liaison (1): Consonants + Vowels / Consonants + Semi-vowels /j//w/

    Lesson37: Liaison (2): Vowels + Vowels / R/Re +Vowels

    Lesson38: Liaison (3): Plosive sounds

    Lesson39: Intonation

    Lesson40: Review

  • Reading Mate

    Reading Mate

    This series of course develope sequentially in steps, beginning with simple vocabulary and learning tasks, then progress to more difficult vocabulary and more complex language structures. Our tutors will help Students to learn increasingly complex literary and informational texts from different cultural traditions and time periods including stories, legends, biographies and articles.

    Reading Mate Level A

    40 x 25 Minutes

    Lesson01: Helping At School

    Lesson02: Party Time

    Lesson03: George's Banana

    Lesson04: Our Pet Rabbits

    Lesson05: My Favorite Season

    Lesson06: Dinosaur's Holidays(1)

    Lesson07: Dinosaur's Holidays(2)

    Lesson08: Dolphin's Big Day

    Lesson09: Toy Box Trouble

    Lesson10: The Missing Block

    Lesson11: Let's Make Art

    Lesson12: Handprint Holiday

    Lesson13: I Can Use A Tablet

    Lesson14: Jayla And Her Tablet

    Lesson15: My Friend Makes Art With Old Clothes

    Lesson16: Grandma Makes Potato Pancakes

    Lesson17: Over And Under

    Lesson18: Father's Day With My Forever Father

    Lesson19: No Place Like Home

    Lesson20: Let's Go Pumpkin Picking

    Lesson21: Paula's Pinecone

    Lesson22: Gloria's Triangles

    Lesson23: Demarcro's Perfect Circles

    Lesson24: The New Neighbors

    Lesson25: Wanda And The Wasp's Nest

    Lesson26: Bird Builds A House

    Lesson27: Beaver Works On

    Lesson28: Worm's World

    Lesson29: A Turtle For Malia

    Lesson30: Beth's Butterfly Garden

    Lesson31: Water And My Garden

    Lesson32: The Summer Picnic

    Lesson33: Snow Much Fun

    Lesson34: Hop's Big Race

    Lesson35: Bird And Rabbit

    Lesson36: At School With Aisha

    Lesson37: We Follow The Rules

    Lesson38: Farm Field Trip

    Lesson39: My Farm

    Lesson40: Jose Visits The Fire Station

    Reading Mate Level B

    40 x 25 Minutes

    Lesson01: Rainbow Zoo(1)

    Lesson02: Rainbow Zoo(2)

    Lesson03: Blast Off(1)

    Lesson04: Blast Off(2)

    Lesson05: I'm Special, Because(1)

    Lesson06: I'm Special, Because(2)

    Lesson07: Teddy's Tale(1)

    Lesson08: Teddy's Tale(2)

    Lesson09: Carmen's Photo Album(1)

    Lesson10: Carmen's Photo Album(2)

    Lesson11: Happy New Year!(1)

    Lesson12: Happy New Year!(2)

    Lesson13: The School Bus Mystery(1)

    Lesson14: The School Bus Mystery(2)

    Lesson15: A Cloud Called Cleo(1)

    Lesson16: A Cloud Called Cleo(2)

    Lesson17: A Year with Carmen(1)

    Lesson18: A Year with Carmen(2)

    Lesson19: Kangaroos Say Sorry Too(1)

    Lesson20: Kangaroos Say Sorry Too(2)

    Lesson21: Miguel's Family Picnic(1)

    Lesson22: Miguel's Family Picnic(2)

    Lesson23: Lovalble Dogs(1)

    Lesson24: Lovalble Dogs(2)

    Lesson25: The Summer Job(1)

    Lesson26: The Summer Job(2)

    Lesson27: What does It Look Like?(1)

    Lesson28: What does It Look Like?(2)

    Lesson29: Piglets(1)

    Lesson30: Piglets(2)

    Lesson31: Let's Share(1)

    Lesson32: Let's Share(2)

    Lesson33: Baby Seal Learnd to Swim(1)

    Lesson34: Baby Seal Learnd to Swim(2)

    Lesson35: My Five Senses(1)

    Lesson36: My Five Senses(2)

    Lesson37: Micah Learns to Read(1)

    Lesson38: Micah Learns to Read(2)

    Lesson39: Saying Please and Thank You(1)

    Lesson40: Saying Please and Thank You(2)

    Reading Mate Level C

    40 x 25 Minutes

    Lesson01: At the Aquarium (1)

    Lesson02: At the Aquarium (2)

    Lesson03: The Class Surprise (1)

    Lesson04: The Class Surprise (2)

    Lesson05: Camping with Colleen (1)

    Lesson06: Camping with Colleen (2)

    Lesson07: Sam the Cat (1)

    Lesson08: Sam the Cat (2)

    Lesson09: Powwow (1)

    Lesson10: Powwow (2)

    Lesson11: Nana's New Room (1)

    Lesson12: Nana's New Room (2)

    Lesson13: The Lemonade Stand (1)

    Lesson14: The Lemonade Stand (2)

    Lesson15: Zoo Countdown (1)

    Lesson16: Zoo Countdown (2)

    Lesson17: Meet the Bus Driver (1)

    Lesson18: Meet the Bus Driver (2)

    Lesson19: Lily's Tomato (1)

    Lesson20: Lily's Tomato (2)

    Lesson21: A Day in My Town (1)

    Lesson22: A Day in My Town (2)

    Lesson23: Aunt Su Saves the Turtles (1)

    Lesson24: Aunt Su Saves the Turtles (2)

    Lesson25: Every Penny Helps (1)

    Lesson26: Every Penny Helps (2)

    Lesson27: Goal (1)

    Lesson28: Goal (2)

    Lesson29: A Smelly Surprise (1)

    Lesson30: A Smelly Surprise (2)

    Lesson31: On a Train (1)

    Lesson32: On a Train (2)

    Lesson33: The Kwanzaa Surprise (1)

    Lesson34: The Kwanzaa Surprise (2)

    Lesson35: Chickens On the Farm (1)

    Lesson36: Chickens On the Farm (2)

    Lesson37: The Sunflower Experiment (1)

    Lesson38: The Sunflower Experiment (2)

    Lesson39: Meet the Pilot (1)

    Lesson40: Meet the Pilot (2)

    Reading Mate Level D

    40 x 25 Minutes

    Lesson01: The Bike Race(1)

    Lesson02: The Bike Race(2)

    Lesson03: At the Luau(1)

    Lesson04: At the Luau(2)

    Lesson05: The Class Vote(1)

    Lesson06: The Class Vote(2)

    Lesson07: Ruth Tells the Truth(1)

    Lesson08: Ruth Tells the Truth(2)

    Lesson09: Tom's Field Trip(1)

    Lesson10: Tom's Field Trip(2)

    Lesson11: Police Dogs(1)

    Lesson12: Police Dogs(2)

    Lesson13: We Live on a Farm(1)

    Lesson14: We Live on a Farm(2)

    Lesson15: Peas for Pat(1)

    Lesson16: Peas for Pat(2)

    Lesson17: A Nest for Robin(1)

    Lesson18: A Nest for Robin(2)

    Lesson19: Spider Builds a Web(1)

    Lesson20: Spider Builds a Web(2)

    Lesson21: Bonnie's Bakery(1)

    Lesson22: Bonnie's Bakery(2)

    Lesson23: The Thunder Cloud Cookies(1)

    Lesson24: The Thunder Cloud Cookies(2)

    Lesson25: Hannah and the Hurricane(1)

    Lesson26: Hannah and the Hurricane(2)

    Lesson27: A Home for Sue(1)

    Lesson28: A Home for Sue(2)

    Lesson29: Rick Gets a Cast(1)

    Lesson30: Rick Gets a Cast(2)

    Lesson31: Jimmy Is Not a Fish(1)

    Lesson32: Jimmy Is Not a Fish(2)

    Lesson33: Tadpoles Grow Up(1)

    Lesson34: Tadpoles Grow Up(2)

    Lesson35: A Look at Landforms(1)

    Lesson36: A Look at Landforms(2)

    Lesson37: Red around Me(1)

    Lesson38: Red around Me(2)

    Lesson39: Why Do Animals Hiberbate?(1)

    Lesson40: Why Do Animals Hiberbate?(2)

    Reading Mate Level E

    40 x 25 Minutes

    Lesson01: Baby Duck and the Wolf (1)

    Lesson02: Baby Duck and the Wolf (2)

    Lesson03: I Can Use An App (1)

    Lesson04: I Can Use An App (2)

    Lesson05: A Trip to the White House (1)

    Lesson06: A Trip to the White House (2)

    Lesson07: Talking with Grandpa (1)

    Lesson08: Talking with Grandpa (2)

    Lesson09: Ayana Cleans Up (1)

    Lesson10: Ayana Cleans Up (2)

    Lesson11: My Skate Board (1)

    Lesson12: My Skate Board (2)

    Lesson13: Green Around Me (1)

    Lesson14: Green Around Me (2)

    Lesson15: The Fire and the Firefighter (1)

    Lesson16: The Fire and the Firefighter (2)

    Lesson17: I Am Helpful (1)

    Lesson18: I Am Helpful (2)

    Lesson19: Catch of the Day (1)

    Lesson20: Catch of the Day (2)

    Lesson21: Who Was Helen Keller? (1)

    Lesson22: Who Was Helen Keller? (2)

    Lesson23: Why We Need Hospitals (1)

    Lesson24: Why We Need Hospitals (2)

    Lesson25: Weather Vanes (1)

    Lesson26: Weather Vanes (2)

    Lesson27: Our National symbol (1)

    Lesson28: Our National symbol (2)

    Lesson29: Using Rough and Smooth Things to Make Art (1)

    Lesson30: Using Rough and Smooth Things to Make Art (2)

    Lesson31: It's Raining (1)

    Lesson32: It's Raining (2)

    Lesson33: At Home with Animals (1)

    Lesson34: At Home with Animals (2)

    Lesson35: Plants Around the World (1)

    Lesson36: Plants Around the World (2)

    Lesson37: Engineers Build Dams (1)

    Lesson38: Engineers Build Dams (2)

    Lesson39: The Way We Use Water (1)

    Lesson40: The Way We Use Water (2)

    Reading Mate Level F

    40 x 25 Minutes

    Lesson01: Badger Finds a Home (1)

    Lesson02: Badger Finds a Home (2)

    Lesson03: Tug-of-War Trouble (1)

    Lesson04: Tug-of-War Trouble (2)

    Lesson05: Justinbieber (1)

    Lesson06: Justinbieber (2)

    Lesson07: At the Races (1)

    Lesson08: At the Races (2)

    Lesson09: I Am Polite (1)

    Lesson10: I Am Polite (2)

    Lesson11: Dinosaur Fossils (1)

    Lesson12: Dinosaur Fossils (2)

    Lesson13: How Do Eggs Hatch (1)

    Lesson14: How Do Eggs Hatch (2)

    Lesson15: American Holidays (1)

    Lesson16: American Holidays (2)

    Lesson17: Ruby and the Ring Rescue (1)

    Lesson18: Ruby and the Ring Rescue (2)

    Lesson19: Who Was Alexander Graham Bell (1)

    Lesson20: Who Was Alexander Graham Bell (2)

    Lesson21: Goods and Services (1)

    Lesson22: Goods and Services (2)

    Lesson23: Amelia Earhart Queen of the Sky (1)

    Lesson24: Amelia Earhart Queen of the Sky (2)

    Lesson25: Yuki and the Well (1)

    Lesson26: Yuki and the Well (2)

    Lesson27: A Murder of Crows (1)

    Lesson28: A Murder of Crows (2)

    Lesson29: What Happens When I Sneeze (1)

    Lesson30: What Happens When I Sneeze (2)

    Lesson31: The Wright Brothers Make History! (1)

    Lesson32: The Wright Brothers Make History! (2)

    Lesson33: Where Does the Recycling Go (1)

    Lesson34: Where Does the Recycling Go (2)

    Lesson35: Rural Life, Urban Life (1)

    Lesson36: Rural Life, Urban Life (2)

    Lesson37: Where Are Your Ancestors From (1)

    Lesson38: Where Are Your Ancestors From (2)

    Lesson39: Tornadoes (1)

    Lesson40: Tornadoes (2)

    Reading Mate Level G

    40 x 25 Minutes

    Lesson01: Life In India (1)

    Lesson02: Life In India (2)

    Lesson03: Sydney Works at the School Store (1)

    Lesson04: Sydney Works at the School Store (2)

    Lesson05: How Farming Has Changed (1)

    Lesson06: How Farming Has Changed (2)

    Lesson07: World Holidays (1)

    Lesson08: World Holidays (2)

    Lesson09: My Allowance (1)

    Lesson10: My Allowance (2)

    Lesson11: A Day in Mexico (1)

    Lesson12: A Day in Mexico (2)

    Lesson13: Alice the Armadillo (1)

    Lesson14: Alice the Armadillo (2)

    Lesson15: Panda (1)

    Lesson16: Panda (2)

    Lesson17: Moving (1)

    Lesson18: Moving (2)

    Lesson19: Fresh Water or Salt Water? (1)

    Lesson20: Fresh Water or Salt Water? (2)

    Lesson21: Bullies (1)

    Lesson22: Bullies (2)

    Lesson23: Yellowstone National Park (1)

    Lesson24: Yellowstone National Park (2)

    Lesson25: Nouns and Pronouns (1)

    Lesson26: Nouns and Pronouns (2)

    Lesson27: Pearls (1)

    Lesson28: Pearls (2)

    Lesson29: Camping (1)

    Lesson30: Camping (2)

    Lesson31: How Chocolate Is Made (1)

    Lesson32: How Chocolate Is Made (2)

    Lesson33: Wings, Shells, and Fur (1)

    Lesson34: Wings, Shells, and Fur (2)

    Lesson35: Why It Rains (1)

    Lesson36: Why It Rains (2)

    Lesson37: Tour the U.S. Capitol (1)

    Lesson38: Tour the U.S. Capitol (2)

    Lesson39: What Are Natural Disasters? (1)

    Lesson40: What Are Natural Disasters? (2)

    Reading Mate Level H

    40 x 25 Minutes

    Lesson01: Where Does the Bathwater Go (1)

    Lesson02: Where Does the Bathwater Go (2)

    Lesson03: Wind Energy (1)

    Lesson04: Wind Energy (2)

    Lesson05: What Lives in a Marsh (1)

    Lesson06: What Lives in a Marsh (2)

    Lesson07: Rock Climbing (1)

    Lesson08: Rock Climbing (2)

    Lesson09: Tara's Telescope (1)

    Lesson10: Tara's Telescope (2)

    Lesson11: Fishing (1)

    Lesson12: Fishing (2)

    Lesson13: Paul Bunyan (1)

    Lesson14: Paul Bunyan (2)

    Lesson15: Farmers (1)

    Lesson16: Farmers (2)

    Lesson17: Mounted and Canine Police (1)

    Lesson18: Mounted and Canine Police (2)

    Lesson19: Cheetah vs. Ostrich (1)

    Lesson20: Cheetah vs. Ostrich (2)

    Lesson21: The Problem with Early Clocks (1)

    Lesson22: The Problem with Early Clocks (2)

    Lesson23: We Need Honeybees (1)

    Lesson24: We Need Honeybees (2)

    Lesson25: Fossil Fuels: Buried in the Earth (1)

    Lesson26: Fossil Fuels: Buried in the Earth (2)

    Lesson27: How Do Microscopes Work (1)

    Lesson28: How Do Microscopes Work (2)

    Lesson29: Floods and Tsunamis (1)

    Lesson30: Floods and Tsunamis (2)

    Lesson31: The Problem with Early Navigation Tools (1)

    Lesson32: The Problem with Early Navigation Tools (2)

    Lesson33: Earthquakes (1)

    Lesson34: Earthquakes (2)

    Lesson35: The Problems with Early Computers (1)

    Lesson36: The Problems with Early Computers (2)

    Lesson37: Haunted! The Queen Mary (1)

    Lesson38: Haunted! The Queen Mary (2)

    Lesson39: Let's Go Snowboarding (1)

    Lesson40: Let's Go Snowboarding (2)

    Reading Mate 复习课

    80 x 25 Minutes

    Lesson01: 5901 Review Lesson 01

    Lesson02: 5901 Review Lesson 02

    Lesson03: 5901 Review Lesson 03

    Lesson04: 5901 Review Lesson 04

    Lesson05: 5901 Review Lesson 05

    Lesson06: 5901 Review Lesson 06

    Lesson07: 5901 Review Lesson 07

    Lesson08: 5901 Review Lesson 08

    Lesson09: 5901 Review Lesson 09

    Lesson10: 5901 Review Lesson 10

    Lesson11: 5902 Review Lesson 01

    Lesson12: 5902 Review Lesson 02

    Lesson13: 5902 Review Lesson 03

    Lesson14: 5902 Review Lesson 04

    Lesson15: 5902 Review Lesson 05

    Lesson16: 5902 Review Lesson 06

    Lesson17: 5902 Review Lesson 07

    Lesson18: 5902 Review Lesson 08

    Lesson19: 5902 Review Lesson 09

    Lesson20: 5902 Review Lesson 10

    Lesson21: 5903 Review Lesson 01

    Lesson22: 5903 Review Lesson 02

    Lesson23: 5903 Review Lesson 03

    Lesson24: 5903 Review Lesson 04

    Lesson25: 5903 Review Lesson 05

    Lesson26: 5903 Review Lesson 06

    Lesson27: 5903 Review Lesson 07

    Lesson28: 5903 Review Lesson 08

    Lesson29: 5903 Review Lesson 09

    Lesson30: 5903 Review Lesson 10

    Lesson31: 5904 Review Lesson 01

    Lesson32: 5904 Review Lesson 02

    Lesson33: 5904 Review Lesson 03

    Lesson34: 5904 Review Lesson 04

    Lesson35: 5904 Review Lesson 05

    Lesson36: 5904 Review Lesson 06

    Lesson37: 5904 Review Lesson 07

    Lesson38: 5904 Review Lesson 08

    Lesson39: 5904 Review Lesson 09

    Lesson40: 5904 Review Lesson 10

    Lesson41: 5905 Review Lesson 01

    Lesson42: 5905 Review Lesson 02

    Lesson43: 5905 Review Lesson 03

    Lesson44: 5905 Review Lesson 04

    Lesson45: 5905 Review Lesson 05

    Lesson46: 5905 Review Lesson 06

    Lesson47: 5905 Review Lesson 07

    Lesson48: 5905 Review Lesson 08

    Lesson49: 5905 Review Lesson 09

    Lesson50: 5905 Review Lesson 10

    Lesson51: 5906 Review Lesson 01

    Lesson52: 5906 Review Lesson 02

    Lesson53: 5906 Review Lesson 03

    Lesson54: 5906 Review Lesson 04

    Lesson55: 5906 Review Lesson 05

    Lesson56: 5906 Review Lesson 06

    Lesson57: 5906 Review Lesson 07

    Lesson58: 5906 Review Lesson 08

    Lesson59: 5906 Review Lesson 09

    Lesson60: 5906 Review Lesson 10

    Lesson61: 5907 Review Lesson 01

    Lesson62: 5907 Review Lesson 02

    Lesson63: 5907 Review Lesson 03

    Lesson64: 5907 Review Lesson 04

    Lesson65: 5907 Review Lesson 05

    Lesson66: 5907 Review Lesson 06

    Lesson67: 5907 Review Lesson 07

    Lesson68: 5907 Review Lesson 08

    Lesson69: 5907 Review Lesson 09

    Lesson70: 5907 Review Lesson 10

    Lesson71: 5908 Review Lesson 01

    Lesson72: 5908 Review Lesson 02

    Lesson73: 5908 Review Lesson 03

    Lesson74: 5908 Review Lesson 04

    Lesson75: 5908 Review Lesson 05

    Lesson76: 5908 Review Lesson 06

    Lesson77: 5908 Review Lesson 07

    Lesson78: 5908 Review Lesson 08

    Lesson79: 5908 Review Lesson 09

    Lesson80: 5908 Review Lesson 10